While you stay at our oasis in the Outback you may choose to partake in one or more of the following activities.

Station tour

Approx 3 hours and includes drinks, nibbles and a beautiful sunset.
During the station tour we will show you historical points of interest, dams, cattle yards and off course the abundance of wildlife.
You can book at the office, preferable before 13:00 p.m.
Please make sure you have enclosed shoes and a warm jacked with you and don’t forget your camera or binoculars.
Management reserves the right to cancel the station tour if staff are unavailable or weather unsuitable.

  • $40 per Adult
  • $20 per Child Under 16
  • $120 per Family


We have four walks available, all between 2 and 3 hours. Each walk gives you a different view of the station as they all go in different directions.
Please ask in the office about the maps for either the Summit walk, Slavenpass walk, Woodland walk or Wallabyridgeback walk.